Canada True Icewine Black Tea
Niagara Falls Licence plate with Ontario and Canada
This licence plate can go on a car. It is blue and white with Niagara Falls Ontario Canada written on it (9)
Niagara Falls Day Scene Ornament
RCMP Wooden Moose Christmas Ornament
Maple Syrup in Jug (Small)
Beaver Stuffed Animal with Red Hoodie
Canada True Maple Tea - Clasp Tin
Poo Poo Moose Keychain
Pure Maple Syrup Candies
Niagara Falls Multifunction Knife with Canada Flag
This multifunction knife has Niagara Falls, Canada written on it with a Canadian flag and two maple leaves. Includes tools such as a knife, screwdriver, and corkscrew. It is 3.5" long and has a keychain attached.
Horseshoe Falls at Night Playing Cards
Moose Stuffed Animal with Ribbon Bow
Canada Silver Plated Spoon - Canada Flag
This silver plated spoon has "Canada" engraved on it along with a picture of the Canadian flag on the handle.
Canada True Maple Fudge
Canada True Chocolate Coated Maple Cookies (Large)
Niagara Falls at Night with Lights Postcard
This 5" x 7" postcard features Niagara Falls at night lit up with colourful lights. *Postcards can be shipped via regular mail to reduce shipping costs. Please request this option in the comments section of your order. Please note that regular mail service does not include the tracking option and may take longer to receive the order.
Ladies Fitted Woven Hooded Jacket w/ Canada Patch
Select size$105.99$105.99$105.99$105.99$105.99
A long hooded jacket light grey in colour with a black maple leaf applique on the bottom corner
NF 3 Leaf Promo - Hoody
Select size$24.99$24.99$24.99$24.99$24.99
This is a light weight polyester Neon green in colour with a black adidas style design on the front
Canada True Canadian Breakfast Tea in Clasp Tin
Canada True Icewine Truffles Milk Chocolate