Canada True Maple Tea Sampler
Canada True Assorted Maple Tea 3 Pack
Hockey Stick Pencils
This white pencil has blue accents along with Niagara Falls written along it with both the Canadian and American flags. The eraser is blue and is shaped like a hockey stick blade. The pencil is 9" long.
Maple Syrup in Jug (Medium)
Souvenir Plate
Metal Collector Plate with Canada Flag in the middle and Canadian city scenes all around the outside. This plate can be hung up and also comes with a stand. It comes in a black gift box
Canada True Maple Tea - Tall Tin
Maple Syrup in Flask Bottle
Canada True Maple Green Tea
Canada True Maple Black Tea
Canada True Icewine Chocolate Fudge
Canada True Blueberry Tea Sampler
Maple Almond Chocolates (24 Pcs)
Niagara Falls Antique Thimble
Canada True Tea Sampler
Maple Syrup in Jug (3 Pack)
Maple Icewine Chocolates (Laura Secord)
Canada True Blueberry Tea - Tin
Canada True Icewine Tea Sampler
Maple Caramels
Maple Crunch Chocolate Bar