- Maple Treats

Maple Treats

Maple Blueberry Candies
These individually wrapped hard candies are made with pure maple syrup and flavoured with natural blueberry juice. (TH/366222)
Maple Caramels
These caramel treats are made with 100% pure Canadian maple syrup. The bag is 200g/7oz. (TH/332004)
Pure Maple Syrup Candies
These maple leaf shaped candies are made with pure maple syrup. The package is 90g. Ingredients: pure maple syrup, glucose, sugar. (Heart/MC90)
Canada True Maple Fudge
This Canada True maple fudge is in a 100g/3.5oz package. (H/FM125)
Canada True Canadian Bear Droppings
These "beardroppings" are chocolate coated peanuts. The tin is 180g. #H165
Pure Soft Maple Sugar
This box contains five maple leaf shaped treats made with pure maple sugar. 35g/1.25oz (TH/396008)
Canada True Maple Tree Droppings Tin
These "maple tree droppings" are candies made with pure maple syrup. The tin is 90g. (#H155)
Maple Kisses
These maple toffee treats are a great way to enjoy Canada's favourite flavour: maple. The kisses come in a 500g bag. (15/BI-01112)
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