Canada True Scenic Milk Chocolate Bar
This fine milk chocolate bar from Canada true features an image of Niagara Falls on the front of the wrapper. The weight of the bar is 100g/3.5oz. (H/BAR100NF)
Winter Scene Niagara Falls Postcard
This 5" x 7" postcard features a snowy Niagara Falls. *Postcards can be shipped via regular mail to reduce shipping costs. Please request this option in the comments section of your order. Please note that regular mail service does not include the tracking option and it will take longer to receive the order.
Toy Slingshot - Canada Wood
This wooden slingshot is made of wood and has "Canada" and a maple leaf stamped on it. This product is a toy. *The wood's colour may not be exactly as shown. (15/GM-174)
Canada True Maple Herbal Tea
This caffeine free herbal tea is naturally flavoured with Canadian maple syrup. The box contains 10 teabags. Ingredients: rooibos, natural Canadian maple syrup flavour, stevia leaf extract. (Heart/AMHERB10)
Canada Mountie Keychain
This 2" keychain is silver and features an RCMP officer beside the word "Canada". (23)
Mini Niagara Falls Night Scene Ornament
This small ornament is hand-painted and shows a night scene of Niagara Falls with "Niagara Falls" written on it. (15/80478)
Canadian Moose Droppings
Enjoy these "moose droppings" - chocolate covered almonds from Canada True. The package is 80g. H/CD-1
Reflective Niagara Falls T-Shirt
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This black t-shirt has a large, silver reflective decal on the front. The decal is round and has Niagara Falls written inside with a red maple leaf. (15/62295-62298)
Canadian Polar Bear Droppings
Enjoy these "polar bear droppings" - chocolate coated cashews from Canada True. The package is 80g. H/CD-3
Maple Herbal Tea
This maple herbal tea is 100% natural and is made in Canada. There are 20 tea bags in this box. Ingredients: sarsaparilla root, fenugreek seeds, carob granules, natural maple flavour, cinnamon bark, roasted yerba mate leaves, roasted chicory root, roasted dandelion root. *This tea is NOT caffeine free. (TH/323202)
Canadian Elk Droppings
Enjoy these "elk droppings" - chocolate coated raisins from Canada True. The package is 120g. H/CD-4
Canada True Icewine Tea
This tea is a unique blend of pure premium Ceylon tea flavoured with icewine. There are 25 tea bags in this box. Ingredients: Ceylon tea, nature identical icewine flavour (Heart/ICETP20)
Canada True Maple Cream Cookies
These sandwich cookies contain 100% pure maple syrup. There are 18 cookies in this decorative Niagara Falls box. The box is 400g/14.1oz. (H/CML-10)
Canada True Moose Droppings Tin (Silver Tin)
Moose droppings are chocolate coated almonds and are a product of Canada. This tin is 230g. H/H230
Pure Maple Coffee
This 100% natural coffee is a product of Canada and is made with pure maple syrup. The bag is 175g. Ingredients: pure Colombian coffee, pure maple syrup. (TH/324301)
Canada True Canadian Bear Droppings
These "beardroppings" are chocolate coated peanuts. The tin is 180g. #H165
Pure Soft Maple Sugar
This box contains five maple leaf shaped treats made with pure maple sugar. 35g/1.25oz (TH/396008)
Canada True Icewine Dark Chocolate (Large)
These maple leaf shaped treats are made with dark chocolates and the creamy centres are flavoured with icewine. The package is 120g/4.2oz. (Heart-IWDC120)
Canada True Blueberry Tea
Canada True offers this blend of premium Ceylon tea with blueberry flavour. There are 25 tea bags in the box. It is 50g/1.75oz. Ingredients: Ceylon tea, blueberry flavour. (H/BTEA20)
Canada True Maple Tree Droppings Tin
These "maple tree droppings" are candies made with pure maple syrup. The tin is 90g. (#H155)