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Souvenirs - Collector Items

Collector Items

Niagara Falls Silver Plated Spoon - Maid of Mist
This silver plated spoon has a photo of a Maid of the Mist ship in front of Niagara Falls, with "Niagara Falls" written underneath.
Niagara Falls Collector Plate
This collector's plate has Niagara Falls written on it, along with pictures of Niagara Falls and a Hornblower cruise ship. (1)
Canada Silver Plated Spoon - Canada Flag
This silver plated spoon has "Canada" engraved on it along with a picture of the Canadian flag on the handle.
Canada Maple Leaf Plate
The back of this collector's plate explains the origin of the name Canada. (23/PLTN1-CAN1404)
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